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Gespeichert von Frank Pfabigan am Do., 30.05.1996 - 00:48

This is easy and it tastes good. I cook it in my automatic rice cooker.

2 cups of rice grains (japanese rice).
Instead of putting in water I toss in a can of spicy tomato whatever.
Once I used pizza sauce. Another time I used a jar of Mexican sauce. I
also tossed in a small can of corn. I diced some onions. I sliced up a
green Italian squash.  Then I tossed in enough water to bring the
water level wo where I usually want it.

When the rice cooker goes off, the whole thing usually is not done yet,
so I just press the buttondown again for about 10 more minutes. When it
is finally done, you have a pot of rice with spicy tomato taste of
whatever kind of flavoring you decided on at the store. You have
veggies in it.

And then you salt it as much as you want.

This is easy, and easy and delicious is what I want. I stick it in the
refrigerator and eat it cold. I am used to eating cold rice. I gres up
in a rice household and it is nothing special --- but it is a


Donnerstag, 30. Mai 1996 00:48:35 Uhr
Von: Lorna R. Swanke,MVOL