Christmas Spirit

Autor: Frank PfabiganGeschrieben: 2003-10-26

From Trey Jackson

Title: Christmas Spirit
 Categories: Liqueurs
      Yield: 3 cups

      2 c  Cranberries
      2    Clementines or small oranges
      2 c  Granulated sugar
      1    Stick cinnamon, 2 "
      2 c  Vodka

 Crush the cranberries evenly in a food processer or use a mortar and
 pestle.  Peel the rind, being careful to avoid the bitter white pith.
 Squeeze the juice and add it and the rind to the cranberries in a large
 jar.  Add the sugar, cinnamon stick, and vodka to the jar and seal
 securely.  Shake the jar well to combine all ingredients.  Store in a cool
 place for a month, shaking every few days.

 After a month, strain through a funnel and filter paper into pretty
 bottles.  Last year I made cranberry sauce with the cranberries strained
 from the liqueur.

Standard Sugar Syrup

1     cup white sugar
1/2  cup water

Put the sugar and water in a sauce pan and heat over a medium heat,
stirring occasionally until it forms clear liquid.  Let it cool.